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Welcome to PeaceMoms!

We are all about changing the world as we know it by inspiring people to bridge differences through compassionate communication... it really can happen, and it begins with YOU!

Communication and relationship building is at the heart of everything we do.

Interfaith Dialogue

Parenting and Peace Education for Mothers

Peace Education for Youth

Bridging Christians and Muslims

Nonviolent Communication Workshops


When moms come together
to make a difference...

Nadyne and Soraya are long-time friends who have come together to unite and inspire others throughout the country to impact the relationships around them in a way so significant that it could actually change the world.

Nadyne Parr combines experience as a teacher and actor, with her role as wife and mother, to inspire us to reach beyond our own understanding of people and cultures, and to explore new ideas in connecting across religious and cultural boundaries. Her practical tips and lighthearted stories connect moms with tangible solutions to lead change within their families and communities.

Soraya Deen is a mother, inspirational speaker, trainer and lawyer. She is the founder of PEACEWORKS, a center for compassionate communication. Soraya is an author and serves on the Board of several organizations, working tirelessly to promote interfaith dialogue.

Soraya and Nadyne travel widely speaking about bridging differences through compassionate communication, and leading workshops on peaceful negotiation and conflict resolution.


Where it can begin for you...

Nadyne and Soraya are excited to share their story, insights and practical tips with audiences throughout the country and would love to come to your school, business, church, women's group, or club to help inspire your community to become peacemakers.

Keynote Addresses – Talks to large audiences on how to promote interfaith dialogue, celebrate religious pluralism through non violent communication (see PeaceTalks for more information on keynotes)

Training – Highly interactive work shops and training, for classrooms, college leaders, community advocates and corporate team building, centered around the concepts of COMMUNICATE, CONNECT, CELEBRATE

Sustained Learning - Consultation, workbooks and materials to promote continuity and growth, including curriculum that will enhance and support specific actionable learning goals that build better relationships through non-violent communication

Peace Builders - Intensive year-long training for student leaders, empowering and inspiring student leaders to share their work and knowledge with the student population and campus communities

Check out our schedule for coming events and speaking engagements, read through our blog for information and ideas on incorporating peace into your family, work, church and community, and browse our website for helpful insight and products that can inspire peace in your life.

“What bothers me today is not the budget defecit,
but the empathy defecit in our world.” – President Barack Obama


For more information on coordinating a speaking engagement with Nadyne and Soraya, please contact us.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

- Mother Teresa